Prayers Always Appreciated...

Today I went to take my sister to the airport. She is going to spend the next minimum of three months in Uganda. I am so proud of her as she grows closer to the Lord everyday. This is something that the Lord has sent her to do, as she prepares a home for people moving as well as work on a book. I would love if we had people praying for her to stay safe and to listen to God.

In additional to prayer for my sister in Uganda, I would request prayer for my husband and myself as we are trying to go to Mozambique and then move to Southern California. This is what the Lord is leading us to and we are focused on listening to Him. We are taking the Lord for his work when he tells us that he will provide.



Married And Moved..

Hello again, it has been quite some time since I last updated the blog, so I thought it is about time. Well Kameron and myself are now married and living in North Highlands, California, which is just outside of Sacramento. It has been nice so far, minus not having jobs yet, but we are hoping to find some soon. If anyone knows of any openings, please let me know! I will be uploading some photos of that soon, once my computer will let me! Well, enjoy your day!


Finally updating...

Wow, it has been a while since I last blogged. So much has happened! To start with I stay busy with my job at McDonald's, not the best job but it is better than` nothing. The biggest news is that I am engaged, and couldn't be happier about it! The family, not near as thrilled as I am, but his family is quite excited about it! I plan to start blogging as we start planning more. Currently we don't know much, just that we want a vintage oceanish theme. We want to wear natural color Toms that my sister's friend Kala will be painting, and we are considering having the wedding at Applegate Christian Fellowship. I hope that everyone has a great day!



I use to want to be a photographer, well I would still love to, but currently I just take photos for the fun of it. In the past I would take photos of mostly nature, but lately I have been taking photos of people. Here are some photos of Makenzie Ward as well as Kameron Hassler, enjoy(:


trip to Illinois

Recently, I made a trip to Normal, Illinois as well as Chicago. I was there for nine days for the national softball championship. There was one hundred nine teams there and we took forty-ninth, which isn't bad. Once we were done with the tournament we went to Chicago and spent the day there. It was a day of shopping and sight seeing. Personally, I love shopping, but you can't beat sight seeing. All the beautiful buildings in such an amazing city, I could have just sat in downtown and looked at the beautiful sights. I took many pictures when i was there, so here are a few of them for you to enjoy.


not quite as expected..

This weekend I went camping with my sister Eryn, my father and Kameron. At first I was so excited, because I hadn't gone in so long! Soon after heading out of town I realized it wasn't going to be what I expected. We headed down to Castle Crag and set up our tent. Soon after the tent was set up we got back in the car and headed down to in-n-out. Once we got back right away my sister and father decided to leave. They went on a hike for hours! It was good to spend time with Kameron, he worked on teaching my guitar. Pretty much that entire day I was attempting to learn. He started to teach me the song big jet plane by Angus and Julia Stone. Once my father and sister got back I just got told how I do nothing right and basically told I wasn't wanted there. This was proven every time they went anywhere and I tried inviting myself. Well on the bright side I got a lot of practice on the guitar, but I also got eaten alive by mosquitoes. Now I itch, but more than ever I am glad to be home! I hope that everyone else had a better weekend than I did, and if you didn't I am truly sorry!


graduation number three, i missed :(

As sad as it is, I missed North Valley's graduation! I really wish I could have been there to see friends from there walk, but my grandma and cousin just got into town and I haven't seen them for two years! So I needed to meet them and spend some nice time with them. But to all the graduates at North Valley, I am sure it was a great graduation, and congratulations to all of you! I love you!(: