not quite as expected..

This weekend I went camping with my sister Eryn, my father and Kameron. At first I was so excited, because I hadn't gone in so long! Soon after heading out of town I realized it wasn't going to be what I expected. We headed down to Castle Crag and set up our tent. Soon after the tent was set up we got back in the car and headed down to in-n-out. Once we got back right away my sister and father decided to leave. They went on a hike for hours! It was good to spend time with Kameron, he worked on teaching my guitar. Pretty much that entire day I was attempting to learn. He started to teach me the song big jet plane by Angus and Julia Stone. Once my father and sister got back I just got told how I do nothing right and basically told I wasn't wanted there. This was proven every time they went anywhere and I tried inviting myself. Well on the bright side I got a lot of practice on the guitar, but I also got eaten alive by mosquitoes. Now I itch, but more than ever I am glad to be home! I hope that everyone else had a better weekend than I did, and if you didn't I am truly sorry!