graduation number three, i missed :(

As sad as it is, I missed North Valley's graduation! I really wish I could have been there to see friends from there walk, but my grandma and cousin just got into town and I haven't seen them for two years! So I needed to meet them and spend some nice time with them. But to all the graduates at North Valley, I am sure it was a great graduation, and congratulations to all of you! I love you!(:

graduation number two, check

So last night was Kameron's graduation. I am so proud of him. I know how hard he worked to make sure he graduated.It was so great to see that did it! I had never been to Gladiola's graduation before, so I didn't know what it was like at all, but it was nice. They said such nice things about each student and made it a very special personal thing. It was different than most graduations. They had teachers, and other faculty talk about students, which was really nice. I enjoyed it and enjoyed the time i got to spend with kameron's father, step mother, and mr. michael tinsley(:


graduation number one, check

Last night was Hidden valley High School's graduation. I grew up in Applegate, so I was suppose to go there, until I moved to Grants Pass. It was crazy to see so many kids that I grew up with say goodbye to high school. It was amazing to see how far people have come since we were in elementary school together. It was nice to see. It shows how quickly people grow up. Welcome to a new chapter of your life graduates.


spirit trip

So every year at my school they have spirit points for each class and every year the senior class wins. They win a trip last year they went to six flags, this year we went to the Portland zoo. At first I was kinda thinking it wasn't going to be that great, but it was a free trip to Portland, so who wouldn't want to go? Well sadly enough only about 60 people went. It was amazing though. We had a ton of fun! and here are some pictures from it(: