Lakers and Phil Jackson.

I am probably the biggest Lakers fan you will ever meet, not to mention the biggest Phil Jackson fan you will ever meet. I think Phil is an amazing coach and has had some amazing teams. Wasn't the best way to end his coaching career, and I wish he wasn't done. It would be nice to have him back next year, but it was nice to see that his kids went and watched the game. Well just wanted to point out that Jackson is an amazing coach and had an amazing career, enjoyed watching!


Portland, Oregon

This weekend I took a nice trip to Portland. It was a fun weekend, filled with lots of things to do. I started it by visiting Clackamas Community College. After that was shopping! I love shopping in Portland especially with my sister Bruk! We can shop for so long, much longer than anyone else in our family. While shopping with Bruk and my mom we went to Cha Cha Cha and got burritos. They were so big and delicious! After that we got common grounds, which is my favorite coffee place in Portland, so I was quite happy! All in all, it was a great weekend of shopping, college visiting, and watching a friend play softball!