I am one of the worst cooks ever! There is a couple things I can make though, one of them being Brookies. They are amazing! They aren't hard to make, obviously since i can make them. So here is the recipe for anybody who wants to try making it(:

one box fudge brownie mix.
one half cup vegetable oil.
one fourth cup water.
two eggs.
one fourth cup butter.
one fourth cup milk.
one half cup granulated sugar.
one half cup packed brown sugar.
one half cup coarsely chopped pecans.
one half teaspoon vanilla.
one roll of chocolate chip cookie dough.

first heat oven to 350 degrees. Then spray 13x9 pan with cooking spray. Make brownies as directed on the box using the eggs vegetable oil and water. Make sure to spread the batter evenly on the pan. Bake for 25 minutes.

While the brownies are baking in a two quart saucepan heat butter, milk granulated sugar, pecans and vanilla to boiling over a medium heat. Make sure to be stirring it constantly. Reduce the heat to a medium low temperature and have it simmer for three minutes. You don't have to stir the entire time, just every once in a while. Then remove it from the heat until the brownies are done.

Right away you want to poor the praline on the partially cooked brownies. Then you want to cut the cookie dough into pieces and place them onto the top of the praline covered brownies.

Finally you will bake it twenty-three to twenty-eight minutes longer. Now you just need to let them cool, cut them up and enjoy them!

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